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Specializing in Quality Belly Button Rings & Nose Rings. Build your own belly ring & nose ring by selecting your gauge, length and colors - Full line of Plugs - Playboy - Nipple Rings - Eyebrow Rings - Tongue Rings. Offering hard to find body jewelry.

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Dangle Belly Rings Quality

Quality Belly Rings - Quality Materials

Quality construction accompanies the higher end materials, which is why you will only find quality materials used on our bottom mounted belly button ring designs. Customize your fit, as we offer different length curved barbells to fit every belly button size, from shallow to deep piercings.

Look for our .925 Sterling silver belly button ring settings, as this is a superior quality metal for strength and beauty in a belly button ring. The barbells are all industry approved 316L surgical steel.


Offering top quality body jewelry is our #1 concern. We offer mostly prong set gemstones, industry standard 316LVM surgical steel barbells, .925 sterling silver settings & well constructed designs. We care about the quality of jewelry our customers receive, and stand behind each design. All jewelry is inspected for proper threading and quality construction.

Top Mounted Belly Rings

Quality Belly Rings - Quality Materials

Jewelry that will hang in front of the belly button or from a ring. Many feel that these are a more comfortable design. This selection of belly rings are all made with higher end materials such as 316LVM (lower nickel than 316L), Silver & Semi Precious gemstones.

offering curved barbells in 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" and 9/16". Please email any special requests

Our body jewelry is shipped in a clear, heat sealed baggy for your inspection. If you are unhappy with the design, all unopened baggies can be returned for a refund. This policy insures that everyone will receive new & unused jewelry.

Cheap belly rings

Under $12.00 Belly Ring - Inexpensive belly button rings


Nose Rings Custom

Quality Nose Rings

14 karat Yellow gold and White gold nose screws with genuine diamonds, blue topaz, ruby, pink sapphire, blue sapphire, amethyst, peridot, citrine, emeralds & synthetic opals. Select from nose studs, nose screws, nose bones, nose pins and captive rings.

Custom design your gauge, length, setting, stone, gold & stone colors


Nipple Ring Body Jewelry

Quality Nipple Rings Body Jewelry

If you need a different length or gauge, please ask


Playboy Jewelry

Playboy Jewelry

Playboy Body Jewelry, bracelets, earrings, anklets


Acrylic Plugs


Large selection of stone, steel & acrylic plugs and tunnels


Gold Belly Rings Custom

Gold Belly Rings - Customized by You

Custom select your gold color, gemstone type, barbell length.

You may also request that we mount the design on the top or bottom of the barbell.


Tongue Rings Acrylic

Tongue Rings

316L surgical steel and Acrylic designs


Eyebrow Rings

Eyebrow Rings

You can custom design the gold eyebrow rings, by selecting the barbell length and gemstone options

Pierce This 2 is dedicated to working with our customers. We work hard to offer unique, quality, affordable body jewelry for you to wear and enjoy. Should you not find a particular style or size, please email us with the information and we will try and locate the jewelry that you are looking for.

We have made a commitment to offering belly button rings that are made of quality steel barbells and quality metals in the decorations (gold, sterling silver, gemstones).

When you purchase the designs made in sterling silver or gold, not only are the metals better, the craftsmanship is better too. China has flooded the market with designs made of a base metal and super glued gemstones, base metal is a weak material and the gemstones fall off quickly. We offer only one, lower priced page with base metal designs, for those who want the costume jewelry.

Our recommendations for the best quality body jewelry designs is to shop the "quality belly ring pages", the gold designs of the nose rings, the custom made gold designs in the belly rings and the nickel free princess navel rings page.

If you would like additional information on the jewelry that we offer, please feel free to ask us any questions, prior to making a buying decision.

We also welcome you to visit our store in Keene New Hampshire, as we would enjoy meeting you. For more information about our physical location, please visit the About Us page


Pierce This 2, LLC was founded in 2001

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Belly Dermal Piercing

5/16" = 8mm
3/8" = 10mm
7/16" = 11mm
1/2" = 12mm
9/16" = 14mm

Nose Ring 1.5mm


316L surgical steel can have up to 15% nickel.

316LVM surgical steel has less than 12% nickel.


Stone Plug Model

How to measure a curved barbell length (eyebrow, belly):

You are going to measure in a STRAIGHT line, not along the curve of the barbell.

Measure the straight distance between these two points:

Where the top ball meets the barbell (ball should be threaded tightly). To where the bottom design (or ball) meets the barbell.

Measure a belly ring

Finger Dermal Piercing

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Wooden ear plug model


Belly Ring Pose

Nickel free is the most healthy for any body piercing.

Most people can wear jewelry with a small amount of nickel in the barbell, but some people can not have any nickel.

If you are having a reaction to the metal, you will feel itching and can see the skin trying to pull away from the metal..


H2Ocean piercing spray


5/8" = 16mm
3/4" = 19mm
13/16" = 20mm
7/8" = 22mm
1" = 25mm

belly ring model