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How to measure a curved barbell belly button ring:
Measure in a straight line from under the top ball to just above the bottom design.

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The Original "Best Friends" navel ring

Barbell Material 316LVM Surgical Steel - High Polish from United Kingdom. ISO9002 accredited manufacture for quality and accurate sizing standards.
Design Material .925 Sterling Silver Best Friends. Sterling silver provides strength, maintains its silver appearance, manufacturing plants only use silver in quality designs.
Available Barbell Lengths 5/16" (shallow piercing), 3/8" (standard piercing), 1/2" (deep piercing), 9/16" (very deep piercing) * We will ship you the 3/8" length, unless you email us with a different request. Email to support@piercethis2.com after placing the order
Design Measurements The best friends design measures 1/2" by 9/16" in length
Gemstone Faceted Gemstone on bottom and top balls, on the curved barbell
Assembled In the United States
Warranty 6 month warranty against manufacture defects


Commitment to Excellence

What size belly button ring should I wear, if the standard 3/8" barbell is too long or short? If you have a shallow piercing, and the 3/8" curved barbell is too long, then you should wear a 5/16" length.

If you have a Deep piercing, and the 3/8" curved barbell is too short, you should wear a 1/2" long barbell. If this is still too tight, then you will need a 5/8" long barbell.