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Four beautiful crystal hearts adorn this ravishingly ornate leather strap, for keeping time as well as looking gorgeous! One size adjustable.

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Life Time

Fantastic watch strap with intricately modelled pewter tattoo script-style lettering, reading "Life" & "Time". Also featuring modelled skulls & a uniquely designed watch favce; on high quality Italian leather strap.

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Telford Chronocogulator Timepiece

A timepiece in the spirit of Telford, the great Georgian engineer, this antiqued pewter 'cast-iron', gearwheel-encrusted neo-gothic framework is mounted on a robust, brown Leather strap, which mounts the essential, modern antiquarian's, sepia-toned instrument.

Empire featured pewter wrist watch, in Georgian neo-gothic style with sepia coloured gearwheel face and brown leather strap; 35mm dia. quartz crystal movement.

An essential timepiece for the modern steampunk traveller.

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Unique 'bone-link' chain, articulated pewter bracelet watch; a tribute to the Northern warrior's rare elite, who's frenzied state of super-strength and fearlessness was irresistible to mere mortals.

Wristwatch with a 'bone-link' chain articulated pewter bracelet; 35mm dia. quartz crystal movement.

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Bed Of Blood Roses

Hiding a wealth of tangled emotions and a complex romance, the sparkling roses flourish within the heart's blood, surrounded by the black roses of this intoxicating bangle watch, with Swarovski crystals glittering from beneath the bright red enamel.

Red heart & roses bangle-bracelet wristwatch, with black roses and the enamelled heart set with Swarovski crystals; 25mm dia. quartz crystal movement.

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Alluring naked faerie spirits of artemisia absinthium, the bitter wormwood plant, delicately support the foliate watch face mount. The faerie's wings are subtly tinted with translucent, 2-colour absinthe green-enamels.

Fairy bangle-bracelet wristwatch, with enamelled wings and 25mm dia. quartz crystal movement.

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EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator

A truly stunning apparatus of rare mid-Victorian invention, measuring the decay of time using Carnot's second law of thermo dynamics. With the unique, 'Galvanic Scale' dial face and a hinged, magnetic-fastening pressure hatch cover.

Quartz movement 35mm dia., instrument-dial face, Empire watch with hinged, magnetic cover, on a hinged pewter bracelet incorporating copper coils and plastic pipes, with adjustable steel fastener.

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Imperial Dragon

Exuding exotic energy and finesse, and with all the mystique of the orient and the elegance of a Victorian connoisseur collector, this classical dragon bracelet is hinged around the watch face.

Quartz movement 25mm dia. watch on hinged pewter, oriental dragons bracelet.

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Dangerous times. A sharp and edgy watch for the conspicuously defiant, with barbed wire around a black Alchemy 1977 logo watch face and on a hinged razor bracelet, with adjustable steel fastener.

Quartz movement 35mm dia. watch on pewter razor blade bracelet, with adjustable steel fastener.

Available in two approximate sizes:
Small-Medium (6-7"/168-186mm)
Medium-Large (7-8"/186-204mm)

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Rose Garden

A beautiful, though mordant bracelet watch, suggesting a forgotten bed of black roses; with crystals and delicate, etched stainless steel cobwebs.

Quartz movement 25mm dia. watch on pewter bracelet of roses with skull, crystals and etched steel cobwebs.

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The Death of Byron

A classically inspired pocket watch, representative of Byron's life, the front of the case comprises a monk-cowled skull, quill pen, laudanum bottle, and from his poem, 'ADIEU'! With 35mm Quartz movement watchface.

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EER Patent Solar Powered Turbine

The story goes - this is the second and even more technologically advanced timepiece from the indubitable Dr von Rosenstein. Its hinged lid's brass turbine blades (themselves incorporating solar sensors), rotate to generate the transformed power- (the turbo may also be hand-cranked), and conceal the patent Galvanic Scale dial-face. With back-up-battery-powered quartz movement.

Pewter Empire, 35mm dia. pocket watch with magnet-catch hinged lid, rotating brass blades, instrument dial watch face and a crystal quartz movement. Please note, this watch is not solar or steam powered, the above description is the story behind the piece.

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Magistus' Double-Albert

An elegant 24" rope chain with central T-bar and double-sided fob and an Albert swivel at either end for the well-accoutred gentleman.

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A sumptuously rich Victorian indulgence and the epitome of the great Edgar Allan Poe, a pewter, hinged-lidded pocket watch incorporating a cryptic 'POE' monogram and engraved with extracts from his most famous and sorrowful verse, 'The Raven'.

Pewter pocket watch with hinged lid, quartz movement and a 35mm dia. face.

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Rosenstein's Scrap Yard

An eco-efficient 12" chain of defunct and outmoded components from the work-yards of EER, complete with Albert swivel, T-bar and cameo fob of the great man himself.

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