Custom Belly Button Rings. Belly button rings that are exclusive to Pierce This 2. Offering hard to find sizes of 5/16", 1/2" and 9/16" curved barbell lengths

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Custom Made Belly Rings

Many customers contact us, asking for custom made belly ring designs.

Although we do not create a wax cast and pour a design, for a precise request, we do have the ability to handle some special requests.

For Example:

#1) If you see a design that you like, on the website, we may be able to offer you that design in a longer or shorter barbell length.

#2) If you acquire a charm (with a loop on the top of the design) we can turn it into a belly ring.

It can be a bottom mounted design:

A top mounted design:

Top mounted belly ring custom

on a twisty barbell:

Twisty belly ring custom

With a connecting chain:

Peridot belly button ring

Style A

Peridot navel ring

Style B

#3 If you can not wear 316LVM surgical steel, as it can have up to 13% nickel, some designs can be offered on titanium.

#4 Some designs can be offered in a color that is not shown.

#5 The 14 karat gold designs are made to order. Just ask if we can make any changes, there is a good chance that we can make what you would like.

#6 If you have one dangle earring (with loop on top) because you lost one, consider having us turn it into a belly ring. This would be inexpensive, since you are providing the design.

Please give us a call with any questions 1-603-355-1011 or drop us an email


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